Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Several months ago, my kids donated the money they had been saving for over a year to go to Disneyland, to the Idaho Food Bank. We were watching the news one morning, and saw they were taking donations. We drove down together as a family, taking their jar of coins and a few dollar bills. It was a hard sacrifice for them, but I was proud of their decision to do it.

About a month later, the news station contacted me and asked if they could come to our house and surprise our kids with tickets to Disneyland. Of course!!! Here is a link to the clip they played on the news that night.

Fast forward a few months later, and we're on our way! I apologize for the picture overload, but a lot of people have asked us how our much awaited Disneyland trip was. Here are a few of our favorite pictures.
Starting the 15 hour drive

Becoming Wilderness Adventurers

Big brother giving his little sis a ride when she got tired of walking
This is how we felt by the time we were done riding the swinging ferris wheel...

Meeting Anna and Elsa were at the top of the girls' list of priorities.
We waited in line for almost an hour to see them,
which is a relatively short wait, from what I hear. 

And wouldn't you know it, my cell phone camera
mal-functioned just as they posed to take the picture.

At 39.5 inches, she was mercilessly denied riding
the rides that required a minimum height of 40 inches.
 Poor little thing... to say that she was ticked off
would be an understatement.

So we settled for riding the Winnie the Pooh ride
 over and over and over (and over) again.

Camden and I must have ridden California Screamin'
at least 10 times. It was his favorite ride,
and I was the only one who would tag along.
Thunder Mountain- the kids' favorite ride.

Poor Luke, he will never live down his "I'm beginning to think Disneyland is for babies" comment.
Famous last words...
The girls and I had a lot of time to kill while the boys went
on all the rides that they couldn't go on because of their height.
 Lauren, our little dare devil, was quite disappointed.

This little girl's expressions crack me up. She is by far our most expressive child. This was at Legoland aquarium, as she watched the sharks swim by.
We weren't as impressed with the rides at Legoland,
but the Lego displays were phenomenal!

It was a wonderful trip. The weather was perfect- low 70's, and the lines were short- on average 15 minutes. It was as close to perfect conditions as I think you could ever get. Probably more than anything though, we just enjoyed being away from schedules, homework, chores, and all the other things that can make us uptight. It made me realize how much nicer of a mom I am when I'm away from all of our responsibilities.

We were on a tight budget, so we lived off sandwiches almost the entire time (with a few exceptions), and stayed in a cheap hotel. But I don't think the kids even noticed. That's part of what made the trip so special. I loved the talks we'd have as we walked back to our hotel in the dark each night, stopping for pie or ice cream for a late night treat. You look at your kids with different eyes when you're away from the routine of every day.

I loved watching my kids enjoy the beach for the few hours we were there, and the simplicity of the joy that it brings people of all ages. It saddened me to realize that something I loved so much as a kid is not part of my children's childhood. Luke made me promise I'd take him back to the beach at least once a year, and that's a promise I plan on keeping.


Percy W Hawkes said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories of you visit to Disneyland. I smiled all the way through. Love, DAD

Percy W Hawkes said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories of you visit to Disneyland. I smiled all the way through. Love, DAD